Silver Koorma and Shankh in Silver Encasing

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Shankha is considered extremely auspicious and is usually kept in the pooja space. It is believed that a Shankha placed in the locker attracts wealth as it is a favorite of Goddess Sri Lakshmi. It is believed to invite fame along with positivity, longevity and prosperity
According to the ancient scriptures, Shankha is the abode of Sri Maha Vishnu and Sri Mahalakshmi. Pouring water from a Shankha is considered equivalent to pouring holy water from all the holy rivers.

Water stored in a shankha overnight is believed to derive medicinal properties if consumed in the morning.

These are naturally occurring conch; hence the size may vary.

The Shankha from pujaroom with its milky white colour encased within silver casing makes this an elegant puja item to be placed in your pooja space.

The Shankha from pujaroom is a milky white Shankha covered with intricately crafted pure silver sheet. The bigger side of the Conch has a crown-like silver case while the lower portion of the Shankh has a conical-shaped case holding the Shankha deftly. The two are connected with beautiful strips of silver that encase the Shankha in a delicate embrace.

Direction For Use The Shankh and Koorma peeta is intended for pooja and decorative purpose only. These are delicate artistic products and must be handled with care.

Cleaning Instruction

  • Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface.
  • The Silver Portion can be cleaned using Naivedya Shining Powder.
  • Use soft brush to scrub the surface gently.

Dimensions: L 4"(10CM)(100mm) x H 2"(5CM) (50mm) (approx)
Material Used: Silver and Conch
Colour: Silver and Milky White

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