Sampoorna Sri Satyanarayan Pooja Kit

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Sri Satyanarayan Vrat is the most popular and regularly performed Vratas among Hindus. Lord Vishnu himself narrated the entire Vrat Vidhanam to Narada Maharshi. It is believed that the Lord will protect those who perform Sri Satyanarayan Vrat and bless them with happiness and wealth in their lives.

Vedic Parampara Sampoorna Sri Satyanarayan Pooja Kit is our humble initiative to provide a simple yet complete procedure of Sri Satyanarayana Bhagwan Puja along with the essentials necessary to perform it.

With Vedic Parampara Sampoorna Sri Satyanarayan Pooja Kit, we have attempted to provide as per our Puranas but in the simplest and the most generic manner in which the Sri Satyanarayana uja is performed traditionally all over India without compromising on the most important aspects of the Puja.

We wish to celebrate, continue and propagate our Indian tradition and culture by enabling a simple yet generically uncompromising Puja experience as per our Indian traditions.

Vedic Parampara Sampoorna Sri Satyanarayan Pooja Kit comes with a QR code to access the puja vidhana videos to perform Sri Satyanarayana Puja.

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