Brass Puja Thali Set

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Our new arrival, a 16-piece Brass Puja Thali Set is thoughtfully curated to bring tradition, functionality and aesthetics together for your puja and rituals.

Fashioned from the finest brass with precision and attention to detail, each item within this set has been carefully designed to elevate your prayer experience. The Ganesha idol is made using copper. The entire set offers a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an ideal addition to your puja room, rituals, ceremonies and auspicious occasions.
Contents of our Brass Puja Thali Set:
  1. Kamal bowl: 5.2cm X 7.52cm
  2. Panchpattra: 6cm X 6.69cm
  3. Uddarane: 6cm X 6.69cm
  4. Kumkum simil (Kumkum holder/Barani): 4.2cm X 4.82cm
  5. Chombu, can be used as a Kalash and for Abhisheka purposes.: 6.9cm X 8.32cm
  6. Dhooparti: 18.3c X 8.5cm X 8.4cm.
  7. Pooja bell: 10.1 cm X 4.53cm
  8. Pintray: 2cm X 3.66cm X 7.63cm
  9. Sooda thattu: 5.1cm X 8.64cm
  10. Agarbathi stand: 7cm X 9.72cm
  11. Ganesh idol, made using the best quality copper: Lt: 3.5cm X 5.13cm X 2.4cm
  12. One Face Deepam: 13.56cm X 5.2cm X 3.18cm
  13. Kamakshi lamp: 7.82cm X 12.3cm X 9.76cm
  14. Plate: 1.4cm X 13.57cm
  15. Vibuthi madal, bowl for Vibhuti/Bhasma/Sacred ash: 9.08cm X 6.1cm X 5.18cm
  16. Sun kumcha, convenient to keep flowers: 36.2cm X 4.4cm
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