Handmade Jackfruit wood Koorma Asana or Koorma Peeta

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Lord Vishnu took his second incarnation as Koorma in Satya Yuga to help Devas and Asuras during Samudra Manthana. The Maha Mandhara Parvata had to be used to churn out Amritha- the nectar of immortality from the ocean. It was difficult to hold Mandhara Mountain in place while churning and this called for a solid base. Lord Vishnu incarnated as a giant turtle and lent his back to hold up the mountain and save Earth from destruction. It is said that Lord Vishnu himself narrated the Kurma Purana to Sage Narada and hence is one of the major Eighteen Puranas. We also learn about this avatar of Mahavishnu from the Bhagavad Purana, the Agni Purana and the Ramayana.

Tortoise is known for stability and has a very strong back. Place the Koorma Peeta by Pujaroom made of auspicious jackfruit wood in your Puja room to make your Puja space even more special.

This Peeta can be used to place Mahameru Yantra and perform Puja or to place blessed spiritual idols, Mahameru Yantra, MahaLakshmi Idol, idol of Thirunamam with Shankha, Chakra, Shivalinga etc.

The stains and mark on the peeta are the natural grains and textures of wood and is unique to each peetam.

Cleaning Instructions:

The peeta can be cleaned using a soft damp cloth. Avoid scrubbing it as the smooth surface might get uneven. Can be washed under running water if necessary.


  • Length: 9.25
  • Width: 6.5
  • Height : 1.26 inch
  • Weight : 450 grams
  • Material: Wood
  • Wood Type: Jackfruit Wood
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