Sampoorna Durga Puja Kit

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The Vedic Parampara Sampoorna Durga Puja Kit, from, has complete Puja essentials with step-by-step instructions to perform the Durga Puja.

It is created with the guidance of scholars, in accordance with the scriptures, to keep tradition alive in modern times. There is aneasy to follow step-by-step video walkthrough for shloka/mantra recital.
Pack Contents:

Haridra 10g,

Kumkum 10g,

Akshatha 10g,

Chandan Tablets 2N,

Karpoora 5N,


Yagnopaveetha 1N,

Karpoora Arti Holder 1N,

Cup Sambrani Holder 1N,

Agarbatti Holder 1N,

Cup Sambrani 1N,

Cycle Pure Agarbathies 6N,

Peetha for Puja Bell 1N,

Puja Bell 1N,

Diya 2N,

Peetha for Goddess Durga Mata 1N,

Goddess Durga Mata Idol 1N,

Kalasha 1N,

Panchapatra and Uddharini 1N,

Arghyapatra 1N, Pugi Phala 2N.

 Pack contains a Durga Mata idol, prayer essentials, Puja items and step-by-step
 Ideal for Fridays and the 8th Day of Navaratri, which are auspicious occasions to perform this Puja.
 Packaged using eco-friendly, FSC-certified, 100% recyclable material

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