Brass Poojathatte / Puja plate

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Sacred Scriptures suggest using chosen metals in temples and at home for pooja and other auspicious rituals. Natural metals like copper, brass, bronze, silver and gold are best suited for pooja. Utensils made of clay/terracotta and stone are also considered auspicious. Shastras also categorizes metals as inauspicious and immune.

It is believed that the pooja utensils become more auspicious when used regularly as they absorb and retain the positive energy that emanates in the puja space. Hence older pooja utensils used by elders are preserved in the house as a mark of reverence.

Made of pure brass, Pooja Plate from pujaroom makes an elegant addition to your prayer space. Used to arrange essentials for a daily pooja ritual, this brass plate can also be used to place fruits, flowers etc for offering. It can also be used to place the pooja idols for abhishekha, archane or ashtottara.

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