Jackfruit Nandi Peeta - 6 Inch

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Cow and Nandi are considered auspicious and are revered in India from ancient times. They are associated with- Lord Shiva whose vahana is Shweta Nandi, Lord Indra who has the Kamadhenu, Lord Krishna who herded the cows in his youth among others. The cow is the epitome of care and nourishes life through its milk and hence represents mother earth. Nandi also called Basava is a symbol of purity, justice, loyalty, righteousness, and truth.

According to Shiva Purana, Nandi, is the guardian of Kailash, the holy abode of Lord Shiva. He heads the Shiva Gana. Nandi Deva is the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva and the one to be blessed by him. It is easier to reach Mahadev through the worship of Nandi. Lord Shiva controls the entire universe and only Nandi as his Vahana can carry the lord due to his pure devotion to the lord.

As a great warrior, he is the preserver of Dharma. He is the symbol of alertness or mindfulness. He represents our mind that must be always focused and surrendered to the supreme lord.

Nandi is the first disciple of Mahadev who imparted the knowledge he received from the Devon ka Dev to the world. It is said that Lord Hanuman imbibed the knowledge of devotion from Nandi. Great Tamil Saint Tiruvallur considered Shiva Nandi his Guru. He is the path to Absolute Truth and hence the Guru within.

The Nandi Peeta by Puja Room is made of auspicious jackfruit wood to make your Pooja space even more special. Receive the grace of the Supreme Lord through the mercy of the Guru.

Direction For Use: This Peeta can be used to place Mahameru Yantra and perform pooja or to place blessed spiritual idols, Sri Yantra, Maa Durga idol, Shivalinga with Nagabharana, Saligrama Shila etc.

Cleaning Instruction: The peeta can be cleaned using a soft damp cloth. Avoid scrubbing it as the smooth surface might get uneven. Can be washed under running water if necessary.

Dimension: L(15.2)cm x W(20.3)cm x T(2.5)cm / 6" x 8" x 1"

Wood Used: Jackfruit Wood
Color: Yellow (Natural Colour of Jackfruit Wood)

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