Lord Vishnu Varahi Avatar Idol

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Sturdy Brass Lord Vishnu Varahi Avatar with utilitarian design for daily pooja rituals.

Varahi is regarded as one of the Saptamatrikas (7 divine mothers) and consort of Varaha, the third Avatar of Lord Vishnu. She is said to protect her devotees and bless them with wealth and prosperity. This is an idol of Varahi Amman handcrafted using brass.

Suitable for your daily puja and worship during Ashada Navaratri.

Dimensions L-129.7 MM W-72.5 MM H-140 MM

Direction For Use: These are made to be used during daily pooja rituals.

Cleaning Instruction:

  1. Wash with water and if required scrub with Navin Shining Powder.
  2. Do not use harsh chemicals on brass.
  3. Leaving cleaning agents on the surface for long might corrode the surface.
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