Dasara Doll Stand

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Introducing a unique Dasara Doll Stand from pujaroom.com

Make this Navratri special with this exclusive and elegant Dasara Doll Stand, traditionally used in South Indian homes during Navaratri to arrange dolls, also known as 'Gombe Pradarshana' / 'Bommai Kolu' / 'Bommalu Koluvu'.

This easy to assemble (5 step) and lightweight stand is not only eco friendly but also unique. It will ensure that your dolls & idols will receive the presentation they deserve this Navaratri.

Available in two sizes, order your Dasara Doll Stand today and receive it right at your doorstep.

Easy to assemble
Light weight
Eco friendly
Made of Cardboard (Corrugated paper boards)
Available in four steps
Available in two sizes
Big : L = 60cm W = 90cm D = 80cm
Small : L = 60cm W = 60cm D = 80cm
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